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June 2023

A huge congratulations to Ana who has been awarded an EMBO postdoctoral fellowship. Good luck with your project, Ana!

July 2022

A warm welcome to Ana, who joins us as a postdoctoral candidate. Best of luck, Ana!

September 2022

Malina joins our team as a doctoral candidate. Welcome Malina and good luck!

May 2022

Visiting the Center for Visual Immersion (CVI) at UNIGE

March 2022

First lab birthday!

IMG_2744 2.HEIC
February 2022

Another doctoral candidate joins our team - welcome Maxim and good luck with your project and thesis!

November 2021

A fully funded postdoctoral position opens in 2022! Contact us for further details. 

October 2021

The group is growing! Alina joins us as a PhD candidate, and Olivia as a master student. Welcome to our team Alina and Olivia!

September 2021

Welcome to Philipp - the first doctoral candidate to join our team. Good luck, Philipp!

March 2021

Tubulin Quantity Control and Microtubule homeostasis lab is officially open! We are ready to welcome the new lab members, collaborators, and exciting ideas to work on. 


Ivana is appointed SNSF Assistant Professor!


A warm welcome to Lila who joins as a lab technician. We are lucky to have you on our team, Lila!

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